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Its Christmas time and one of our favorite guest is back! Fresh off a trip from Bolivia Allison Stanford is back telling us about her trip and spreading Christmas Cheer. We start off the show with I Happy Am's version of "Holiday Road" Allison went on tour in May with the Southwestern Adventist singers then in August she went to South America on a Fulbright Grant to teach singing in Bolivia. We talked about what it was like to live for 3 months in a foreign country. Where did she stay, did she have friends, what about food, live music and sickness. Hearing stories of the local music,  strange musical instruments, loneliness and ancient history makes for a really interesting conversation. I am always curious as to what kind of food one misses when away. What do you think she couldn't wait to eat when she got home? The middle track is one of Allison's favorite local singers and favorite local song "Lucky Smoke" by Ansley. After the break we have an email from Marlin, a pretty great Zach Libs, Local birthday and a local story about a man who was arrested while telling kids Santa isn't real. At the end of the show we talk about Allison's beau River Jones. River Jones is an Austin songwriter and has a great track called Strawberry Lit Moon. You can find the song and video on YouTube and features our very own Allison. We talk about the song and video before wrapping up. You can see Allison Sunday February 10th in Dallas at the Meyerson Symphony Center! Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram its Allison Soprano. #KeepListening #neverstop #merrychristmas #suckitstubbs



This week we do the podcast at a super secret remote location. Far West Fort Worth at my friends place Jared Miller and Haley Miller. The first track is actually the last track from last weeks show. Some people didn't get the last ten minutes of the show so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear Greensleeves by the Lost Conways. Ok so the first segment I am joined with Susie and Alan Rice. We of course talk about Zachary and Rebekahs wedding. I tell my fish story. I caught a monster in the lake!! Alan has some big things he is working on and there is the most awesome Christmas Concert this week at Unity Fort Worth. I go have gone every year and look forward to this year. Dec 5th and Sunday the 9th. As a flashback I play Alan's song "Getting Funky in Funky Town"! We have a proud dad moment, Dustin Schneider arrives in time for some Stoner Jokes of the Week. It was really great to be out by the lake with friends. You hear lots of voices and music. Being out by Lockheed we do bring up war and the end of the world and secrets on base. We have Acid Carousel "El Guacho" some more chatter and a Huffer track. I hope you guys enjoy the ride. We had so much fun and much thanks to the Millers for opening their home for some much needed outdoor activities and fellowship.


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Lost Conways

I am very excited this week to bring you Lost Conways. Lost Conways is a two piece consisting of Matthew Broyles and Ashley Vanarsdel. These two are fantastic on their own but put them together and it's like peanut butter and chocolate.

Zach notes

First song- Love in the First Degree ( Alabama Cover) by Lost Conways

Tim McGraw indie country song and what’s wrong with country music today

Cover songs

Country and western music

Podcast recommendations for music production

Drugs and rock and roll

The origin of the Lost Conways

Our accents are disappearing

Second song- Bring Me Safely Down


Baby shark and memes

What’s there to do in heaven?

City vs. Country

The Lost Conways at the Peppermill Lounge Dec. 8th


Third song- Greensleeves


Took it easy this week. Early Winter and early nightfall makes me tired. We do have great NEW music and really great conversation. We talk about Zach and Rebekah's Bach party, the worst bands off all time and local news. Find out what really happened to the Deputy who was shot investigating an illegal deer blind. Sometimes its just nice to sit and hang with the boys.

Zach notes

First song-Quaker City Night Hawks- Suit in the Back (Brand New!)

5 years podcasting?

Bach party and chasing rabbits

Second song- Goldilox Zone by Jefferson Colby (Brand New!)

Everything is being torn down

The cellar

Worst band music ever!?

“Blasphemy was it a blast for you?”

News and kids

Third song- Roxy by Garage Barrage (Brand New! with a special guest)


Victor Baby!

This week we have Victor Toruno from Svenny Baby! to talk about their 3rd studio album Voyager and other stuff. I love it when Victor comes by. The podcast is always a little more thoughtful. Anyway here is Zach Notes

First song-Imposter Monster

Zach’s wedding

The 5th podaversery and faking till you make it.

Victor is in a volleyball league

Taking a bite of humble pie

3 cases on the album

Lofi hip hop feel hinting at future songs.

Exploring the unknown, a voyage within.

We’re still growing with head vs heart battle

Feelings are hard

Music can be a truth.

Zachlibs? Yes.

Second song- 4am



Jonathan singing untangled

Getting the art

Notes on the album

Skits on an album


Arlington distorted podcast on SoundCloud

The venue with no name

Arlington-Denton exchange

King of the hill

I read the Bible

Bringing it back with the hero’s journey

Third song-Broken Disco

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Fishin Drinkin Campin Cursin with your host Jeffrey Lord (funkytownpodcast) Dustin Schneider (Jerry Jonestown Massacre) and Susie Ramone (she plays for both teams at times but we claim her at FTP) with special guest Joe Tacke, Zachary Zanetich, Rebekah Elizabeth, John Barry (bigfoot), Bob Howington (Zach S), Ryan Elmore, Chris Lundy (Marlin), Lil' Marlin, Brandon Brauer (Johnny Trashpockets), Trucker Jon Simpson, Janet Simpson and Chea Cuevas

Dustin had this idea to do a podcast camp out. 4 years went by and then Susie made it happen. The weekend was fun and needed. We recorded Friday night and again Sunday morning. This is the result. It really is two different episodes in one but you get it all. So this is what happens when you combine the Funkytownpodcast and the Jerry Jonestown Massacre in Lake Mineral Wells State Park in Texas for 3 days and 2 nights. #keeplisteningneverstop #suckitstubbs #fishytownpodcamp2018 #TexasStateParks #LakeMineralWells #funkytownpodcast #jjtm

video to come (fingers crossed)


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Like a Girl

This is a very special Funkytownpodcast. Jeffrey Lord, Joe Tacke, and Zachary Zanetich stepped away and let me, Susie, have the show with her guests, Mandy Hand and Rachel Gollay.

The first song is Same People by Mandy, which is going to be on the new Big Heaven album coming out next year. I love this song and have heard Mandy sing it solo many times. It talks about emotional labor which is just one of the subjects that we touch on during our time together. We also talk about being a woman in the Fort Worth Music scene. Being a wife, mother, daughter. Our safety as women, the #metoo movement, why we don't report, who owns our bodies, and our hope for the future generation. We hope that our podcast this week will open up discussion on the topics you hear.

The last song is Receptionist 2, paired down version of Receptionist from Gollay. It is on topic and beautiful.

-Susie Ramone


This weeks guest is Caleb Dixon aka Tennesse Dixon. He has a brand new album with some great songs and great players. When you listen to the album, It's like traveling back in time to a simpler tme. Big show coming up! Lets taco bout it!

(Zach Notes)

First song- I’m coming to take her home

What is red dirt?

Players on the album

Hillbilly on a porch

Country music throughout time

Reba and other singers

Good ol Andy Griffith days

How’d she die?

Gospel and church music

Can Zach blow a trumpet?

Life is a little bit of cheese

Second song- dream up over yonder

Happy birthday Susie Ramone

Do For It Halloween show,

Emails from Marlin

November 9th at Lola’s with Convoy and the Cattlemen and Andy Pickett

The structure of this record

Playing Knoxville TN soon

Country girls

Small town living vs city living

Third song- honey, won’t you take me back


"So, what is a Chillamundo? Is it a chilled out armadillo? Is it a burrito with ice cream on top? Maybe it’s the best band that you’ve never heard of from Fort Worth, Texas. Maybe it’s Donkey Kong’s cousin. Maybe it’s the sound giant rocks and engine blocks make when you throw them into a swimming pool.

Today Chillamundo consists of Denver “Slab” Williams (NOT the famous actor “Denver Williams” of Ray Donovan and Arlington Road fame), Neal “Fuzz Face” McAlister (probably an alien life form from Sirius B), Caleb “Stanislam” Stanislaw (The Hendersons, Deep Sleepers), and super handsome Nick “Nicholas Titticles” Tittle (Arenda Light, Vodeo).

Chillamundo represents the collected, focused musical efforts of four worthy Fort Worthians. Founded in the year of our Lord 2016 anno domini by interstellar expressionist Denver Williams (Deep Sleepers, Vincent Neil Emerson’s, Chingalotus, Dope Hammer, Mega Hoof), Chillamundo exists to press against the feeble boundaries of modern rock / pop / musical noise. If one was to consider Chillamundo as a response to, well, the crap that you hear when you turn on the radio, then one would be able to understand 1) our cultural need for music that doesn’t suck (i.e. Chillamundo and Journey)  and 2) our collective desire for music that pushes said boundaries and crushes the rules." - Caleb Stanislaw

"This week's episode of funkytownpodcast is bananas." - Joe Tacke


(Zach Notes)

First song- Paper Airplane (Paper Airplane)

Band members Denver Williams Neal McAlister Nick Tittle Caleb Stanislaw

8 song on the Record (Paper Airplane)

Blurbs about the band.

Release date is Oct. 20th

Release show at Lola’s

Tommy Luke’s (birthday)

Vincent Neil Emerson and War Party are also playing

Caleb taking over the bass from Charles

4 part harmonies and talent

The Chillamundo marathon

Calling Vincent

Incest talk

Second song- Cosmic Salt (Radio is on)


Trying Mexican candy

Drinkin beer on stage  

“Accessible but still ducking weird”

Sunshine Superman talk


Third song- Thx 4 Pain (Radio is on)


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